Everything changed in three years. All of it.

Well, almost all of it. Single, not entirely broke, free, overwhelmed, very busy musically. On the other hand I essentially took what suddenly became the most important thing in my life outside of the girls and thoroughly destroyed it. I can’t fix it, and I’m angry at myself for trying too fucking hard and angry at her for being wrong.

I still can only manage to accomplish things I’m supposed to do, so I try to make as many things fit that category as possible – if aim not being held accountable for it by someone other than myself, be it work or music or fitness or getting out of bed, it simply doesn’t happen.

I had knee surgery in 2013 after a work accident, and everything since then has been a roller coaster. Osteoarthritis is my latest foe.

Like I said, I’m musically very busy this summer, and that’s wonderful, but it all feels kinda pointless.