I can now say, with a relatively straight face, that I’ve become a solo performer. And not just in my own mind, but instead with a handful of witnesses. Twice. And counting.

The key to any endeavor is finding a comfort zone, and I seem to have found one in the Sunday night open stage in Lakewood. I know everyone there. The talent level is between very good and extraordinary, and the pressure is non existent. Perfect.

I had a perfect storm night of sorts, in that I had prepared a solo set with the Bari, and fell into a perfect situation to go up and try it out. Following and angry dude who bailed midway through his set, and with friends in the house who had been encouraging me for ages, and fueled by two-dollar Rolling Rocks, It came together.

I decided to lead off with Greg Brown’s “Lord I Have Made You A Place In My Heart”‘ which I know the words to and don’t really have to rely on motor skills to execute. I had good voice that night, so I followed with a somewhat a capella version of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home” into “All I Want Is You, on which I was joined by Angie Stevens. Yes, thats correct.

I promptly massacred “Beautiful Wreck” and then called Angie back up to do her side project song “what Have I Become”, which I was going to do myself, but hey, why not.

A good debut, I think.

The following week I got somewhat cajoled into doing a set, wasn’t as ready, and really kinda sucked. But that’s okay. It’s all about learning. I’ve learned that my voice is the asset here, and choosing songs that people know is far less important than performing ones that I can do well, at least in this context. So i’ll be tailoring the routine to that thought for now.

It’s a small step, but a giant leap for me. Now to find out if I can be good at this. I’m at least having fun, which has been an elusive status for a while.