Lots of inspiration lately, although because I’m me I’ve processed it a little differently than I think most people would.

Completed the cycle from recording to live show with Russ and Surplus Cheaper Hands – really had a great time getting the show together and working with John and Tony and the gang. I’ve been hitting the Lakewood Grille open mic with Jay Ryan and Miss E and, the last couple, the awesome Angie Stevens. Just trying to soak in the whole experience of people who can stand up and do this stuff anywhere.

I lucked out and got my interface to work with the computer, so I’ve made significant writing and recording progress. “Starry”, which isn’t a title as much as a self reminder of what the progression is, went from a nice little melodic segment into a full song thanks to the Charger 290, complete with mix.
Half Her Heart awaits guitars and maybe a verse edit. All sorts of little bits an pieces evolving slowly.

I’m keeping this whole thing to myself for now, mainly because I’m expanding my horizons with it a little bit. I’m trying to answer all the stuff the songs ask for – rhythm parts and guitar riffs and stuff I don’t usually do – myself. Just in the scratch phase – I love that I have a lot of supportive friends who would help out if I asked, but at this stage this is still really about finding out what -I- can do, for myself. It won’t stay that way, but its important to me to make a bit of a statement here and figure out what I can do, both musically and from a recording standpoint.