I’m underway.

Trees Make Wind. A three-word summary of many of the elements of my life right now. It is a song by the fantastic Iowa punk trio House Of Large Sizes; It is a succinct summary of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where the Dad takes great joy in explaining to his 6-year-old that wind is created by moving trees; It is a wonderful twist on perception and reality. It encompasses punk rock, parenting, and bullshitting for the sake of comedy into a neat three-word package. It is the working title of my project, either as the ‘band’ name or the ‘album’. Whichever makes the most sense.

I’ve had some really good conversations and experiences lately, and I’m taking advantage of this positive mindset to get myself moving.

Playing music promotes playing music. Recording promotes recording. The process supports itself. So I think being involved with the Surplus Cheaper Hands project in the last few months has really gotten me going, especially hanging out and trading brainspace with Macy engineer Nick Sullivan.

A few months ago I made the best Craigslist purchase pretty much ever – a 16-track Zoom digital recorder that I got for next-to-nothing. I’ve decided to do literally as much as I can with it – tracking all my ideas to the very limits of the machine and myself (and my dining room) using mostly my keyboards and digital modeling amps, and then I can transfer to something with a GUI or start over in a more ‘real’ process with mics and amps and loud and stuff. It reminds me of when I used to try to record and arrange on my little Fostex 4-track cassette deck, except I have a lot more room to suck. And not quite as much liberty as with Cubase or ProTools, but I can always transfer the files into those formats later. For now, elemental recording.

This morning was the first step – from the pattern generator on my Korg M50 I two-tracked a few rhythms and determined preliminary tempos for a few songs. I have something like 19 songs in my head and in my notes. A couple are leftovers from the Silent Iris era that may or may not get re-purposed. The first song to disk will likely be the only song I wrote in The Trampolines, one that never made it to stage or record but would have likely made the ‘Between The Lines’ CD had I stayed on. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.