Maybe ‘hollidaise’.. since this time of year tends to beat me into a sauce-like consistency..

Anyway. Its been several months yet again. Really proud of the girls, who are doing very well in school. Particularly Anna, who had a bit of an uphill last year with staying interested and this year seems to be much, much better.

The gear parade goes on. Gone are the X50 and the Club King, and in are the M50 and the Charger and the cheap Guyatone console lap steel. Still need to make some moves, but getting closer.

Still paralyzed by the house and the general recording process. No dedicated space, no motivation or energy to fix the situation. Rinse, repeat. I suck.

I think part of it, honestly, is that all these ideas are better in my head than they could possibly be on tape, and in holding to the ideal of such things I’m scared of making the effort and ruining the illusion of the potential. Which is idiotic. But there it is.