Anna is eight, and is a few weeks into the third grade. Tonight was her first night of orchestra.

I was never an orchestra or (marching) band person, but RSW was. She was a bassoonist of whatever the higher orders of bassooning* would be.

Bassooning. You know, like ‘ballooning’. Its a word. Shut up.

So. A few weeks ago a cellist friend of mine on facebook linked a youtube video called ‘Always Room 4 Cello‘ , which is basically a rap video featuring some introductory cello techniques. I showed it to Anna one afternoon and its pretty much her favorite thing ever.

Now, truth be told, about three months ago as I was beating the hell out of my poor mandolin trying to figure thatout, I had a brief mental flirtation with learning cello. Just about any obscure instrument that appeared on either Cayamo and would make me more rounded as a musician has appealed to me at some point, and with 4 or 5 top-notch cellists in that environment it was inevitable that I’d have a flash of interest.

Anna is enthralled with the idea. And since I still want to learn, I think we’re going to more or less learn together. I found a very nice 3/4 size cello on Craigslist for $100 so I don’t have to rent, and I don’t have to worry about Maggs defacing it.

During my personal little cello hot flash, I discovered this lesson series on YouTube. Once you get over the inherent goofiness of the instructor guy, its really very well taught. I’ve watched it entirely a few times and hope to help Anna as she reaches the various points of progress.

And I may steal the axe and figure some stuff out on my own as well..