I sorta dreaded this trip, honestly. Not because I don’t like visiting the Cities, but because it got put together as a 24-hour trip with about half of it airports and running around.

But it worked. We made it work, at least. I got about 15 friends to the 400 Bar show after 10 came to dinner. I got to walk the useful length of Hennepin trying to find the LRT station. Got home in time to see Girlyman at the Dove.

I was looking forward to football this morning, but right around the time the games started I learned of the death of D. Scott Morris, one of the nicest guys in the local music scene – a gifted guitarist, wonderful dude. He’d battled cancer and other odd complications for years. The day I met him was at a Trampolines show somewhere and he’d just had surgery to remove something in his shoulder and had pretty much lost his voice. But he pressed on, and dammit, I think he had everyone – probably including himself – that all was okay.

Needless to say, everyone in my immediate local world is in mourning, and I’m sure we will celebrate him soon.

The thread remembering D.Scott on the Denver Music Board is