As usual, its been a while. That’s okay. It’s been a good while.

We’re now just a week past 3 years since I left The Trampolines, and in a week or two they too will be done. So its a good time for me to reflect on where I have gotten from that start point.

As you’ve read (or not), its been a roller coaster – lots of moments of doubt, age, concern, doubt, and did I mention doubt? That’s okay. I’ve grown, I’ve learned, i’ve failed, I’ve succeeded. I’ve been challenged, I’ve become a better player in every way on every instrument.

I came out of that situation not really knowing what I wanted. I came home from Cayamo 2009 knowing what I wanted and not sure how to make it happen. I came home from Cayamo 2010 a little confused, yet strangely empowered.

One of the first things that occurred to me when I became band-less was that Something Underground was the band I wanted to associate with, one way or another. And my last three years have been defined by my relationship with the Larson Brothers and Trevor in many ways. They’ve provided me a home on stage when I needed one. They’ve provided me a venue to play, to sing, to interact, to make myself better. They’ve kept me musically alive, allowing me to share in their harmonies, experiment in their sessions, stay connected to the other musicians in the SUG-Jam community. I got to play with John Popper. I’ve played Red Rocks twice. They gave me huge amounts of responsibility and freedom in assembling the Beatles tribute.

Tomorrow, I will sing with them in Minneapolis at the 400 Bar, a weird circle completed in a way. I lived in Minneapolis for 6 years, and Silent Iris played the 400 Bar once – without me. It was a Saturday night show in February of 2001, and during the week my Grandmother passed in upstate NY. I attended the memorial service in Olean on that Saturday morning, then was driven to Buffalo to fly home. Weather delays at O’Hare held me up in Chicago, and I arrived as the band was getting the last pieces of equipment off stage. Rebekah was downstairs On The Eve Of A Meltdown.

They’d never tried to play without me, especially after the CD had come out, so they had to pretty much rearrange the entire set on the fly. I kinda wish I’d been there to hear that, maybe more than I wish I’d made it in time to play.

So. I’ve never played the 400. And SUG wasn’t really supposed to either – this date was originally set up for the Fine Line – the longtime home of Silent Iris during our peak. But the Fine Line is closed for renovations, and here we are.

So I will try to return the favor by being there personally, by bringing some of my old friends and fans out to see and support these guys who have helped keep me together and bring me past where I was.