One of these days I’ll get into a rhythm here. I guess it would help if I had something to write about.

The cruise, now 4 months past, was interesting. too short – five days doesn’t work for that format at all. Felt a lot of good music, got in the heads of Shawn mullins and Chuck Cannon a bit, experienced Robert Earl Keen and his drunken moron fans. Belize didn’t suck. I got to see a great deal of the Gulf of Mexico prior to BP fucking it up.

I’m still a bit adrift, but things are a lot better. I’ve begun the whole MSB experiment, and found a real home in the acoustic trio format playing my baritone. The full band version is still a bit sketchy, but the jobber factor is lessening slightly.

Still looking to get things going on my own, or find the right collaboration. Not sweating it, though. Things are absurdly busy for work this month, and I just need to get through June intact, and then I can look around a bit. A few interesting possibilities out there, with Russ and Jody both hatching projects.

My own music is what it is, but I’m slowly teaching myself to simplify. I’m really good at writing music that I can’t play, and as fun as those songs are for me, I really need to develop some material that works for what I want to do and let those crazier more intricate songs live on another plane for now.

Gear is getting down to the basics – still trying to swap the CK290 for a keyboard with nominal success, but everything else is getting down to what it should be.

And, thanks to the brothers, I get to play Red Rocks again.

On the home front, Anna is a couple day short of finishing second grade. Maggie will start kindergarten next year. Its all going by rather quickly.

MIL was recently laid off from her overnight nursing position, which though a bit traumatic really isn’t the end of the world – she’s in good financial shape and can take or leave whatever comes next, and she gets as much girlie time as she wants this summer as long as she stays free. I should be so lucky.

RSW and I have been together in some capacity for 14 years now. That’s more or less astounding. No one should have to put up with me that long.

The house is still a bit of a struggle, in that the original landscaping has been decimated by the prairie winds and rolling storms, and the weeds and rabbits are having a blast with our yard. More and more tempted to just pave the whole thing over.

Money and time remain the biggest issues at the house – I’m working a lot and on a bad schedule, when I really don’t get home before 6:30 most nights and barely see the girls at all, especially if they’re outside. Its straining pretty much everything. We all pass like ships. I’ve declined several musical projects knowing that I simply can’t spare any more family time .