Today was a strange day of almosts. I almost saw Brandi at Casselmans. I almost stayed home all night instead of going out. I almost saw Goldie. I almost saw Savage.
I thought I would see CC but he was stuck home with foot issues.

I did see SUG, which was nice I guess, and I did see most of the Evergreen regulars who had migrated into town for the show, which was nice, but overall I just didn’t feel comfortable sticking around, so I left right after the set.

Almost talked to D2 about stuff.

Almost drove 40 miles randomly for no reason, ended up home and almost got online to waste a bunch of hours, but decided to take the Chet Atkins upstairs and beat the piss out of it for a good three hours.

I can almost feel my fingers. They’re almost-green from the bronze oxidizing.
I almost played everything I knew and almost played well.