Anna’s third week of second grade will begin a couple days late, and in a cast.

Last Sunday we let her ride her bike from home to school so we could assess her ability to make the trip every day if she wanted. She did fine – I followed in my car at 2 mph and everything went smoothly.

This afternoon she was riding in the courtyard, caught a turn wrong, and snapped the radius in her left arm.

She’s fine, splinted and actually outside showing off her pink wrap, but damn, hard parent moment. Gah.

My little girl is a trooper.

I had a fantastic night with SUG at Little Bear last night, lots of accolades by the good people of Evergreen who have really grown into loving my little cameo appearances. Did Country Roads, Seven Bridges, Hallelujah, and We Shall Overcome, the last of which I’d never even tried with them before, but I got a verse to figure it out.

Friday night I played a pickup gig with Scooter, Kim Stone, Mark Marinelli, and Gretchen Kunz. No turnout, but lots of fun.