A few weeks ago I was asked to be stage manager for a Woodstock trubute show at Red Rocks, a remarkable honor in and of itself. Since accepting that duty I’ve been asked to play on several songs throughout the set as well, so I basically have a full fledged Red Rocks gig on Monday. Never thought that would happen again.

The major rehearsals start tomorrow at 11am and run all day. Its been fun to just set up at the Warehouse and play, or let others play my rig. Chris Fischer of Funkiphino, Sheldon Smalls of Soul Sacrifice, and maybe a couple others will be using my rig, and I’ll be playing on the Janis medley, The Weight, and A Little Help From My Friends, plus we may do Hey Jude* as an encore.

Hey Jude? Really?

Yes. Hey Jude. No, the Beatles didn’t play Woodstock, but three of their songs were performed. Joe Cocker’s version of A Little Help From My Friends is the commonly known one, but Richie Havens played Strawberry Fields and Hey Jude solo acoustic on Day One. Thus, loophole 🙂

We’ll see how it goes. I’m excited.