I had Tuesday, January 20th, off. I watched W fittingly leave in the same photo frame that Nixon left in. Obama may have inherited a big steaming pile of hell, but for a good week the country smiled and dreamed and hoped and wondered and lived and loved as if everything was gonna be alright. And it was good.

Anna is growing up fast. My girlie pretty much lives on the Wii Fit these days, maiming skiers and negotiating mineshaft carts. Tonight I got home from work and she had cracked open my Wii version of Madden 09, and was tooling around on the trivia section and in menus. We ended up playing a couple games – me not knowing how the controls worked and her really wanting to punt on first down for some reason, but it was still fun. She claimed my Steelers as her own in the second game and so I was forced to the the Broncos. She scored two nice touchdowns on my horrible Donkey Defense, but that kid isn’t beating me anytime soon. Sooner than I think, I’m sure.

Maggie was referred to an ENT at her last pediatrician checkup, so upon further review she’s going to have her tonsils and adenoids removed on the 12th, an overnight stay at Childrens Hospital, and a week of miserable kid. That said, she’s grown into a talker, so amazingly funny. Her singsong talking and wonderful ridiculous stories are indescribably wonderful.

I’m personally a little adrift right now. We leave for Miami a month from today, and I barely feel like a musician right now. I bought a wonderful Lab Series L5 amp over the weekend, but its been single digits out (currently 1 degree) and the house is a disaster again, so the amp will stay in the garage until I get a place cleared for it.

Facebook. Wow. I’ve been a citizen of the web for 13+ years now, and I’ve been on or witnessed pretty much every system known, but nothing has the absurdly powerfully frightening connection power of Facebook. I’ve discovered people from years past that I’d written off to the history.

I’m not really playing. I have stuff written, all the ideas formed, all the framework in place, but I really wonder why I should bother. Am I trying to prove to myself that I can create something myself? Am I trying to validate everyone who ever thought I needed to be this person? Am I trying to defeat those who think I’m insane and irresponsible for sticking with this? Or am I just done, fooling myself into thinking that having all these toys and a clue on how to use them justifies me sacrificing a well-paying career, any thoughts of higher education, and time at home short and long term to stay at this.

The economy is horrid. My job is secure for now, but maybe not for long. This may be the time for me to buckle down and make extra efforts to assure that the shrinking economy and my own foolishness don’t cost me everything.