Retail Therapy

Gotta love it

I’ve had my ’03 Reverend Slingshot for about 4 years now, most of that time it was ent to Mark. I love the thing, but I’ve never been comfortable with it as a daily player because its so inherently fragile and oddly rare and potentially valuable.

So this week I retired the Slingshot to the studio and bought a 2007 Reverend Flatroc, tobacco sunburst with Les Trem, Gretsch-style mini humbuckers. I’ve played a few of the newer import Revs (including the Charger Mark bought in New Mexico on tour a couple years ago) but I must say this thing is incredible. Sometimes you pick up a guitar and you just know the thing is an instrument and not a shop project, and this baby is just perfect.

So happy with it. It sounds and plays awesome.

I also added a nice versatile Crate Powerblock head to the amp arsenal, which will allow me to use a number of the different speaker cabs I have laying around. As much as I dig the whole tube amp sound, I just can’t get into the lack of practicality. I’m a keyboard player at heart, and I like my tone and volume consistent and there when I need it, so its modelers and solid state amps for me. Yes, blasphemer, but I sound the way I want to sound and you probably don’t.

So I’m feeling good with my gear for once – still have a few things to get rid of but I feel like I have pretty much one of everything I need, which was my goal.


And following up on previous posts, we actually bought a brand new car back in April, replacing the Toyota (which amazingly died before the minivan did). A 2008 Nissan Versa. How I qualified for that loan I may never know, but I got an excellent rate and so far I don’t have the albatross feeling. Yet.

We also replaced the minivan about a month ago with a 95 Toyota sedan. So we’re pretty good in car-land for now.

The Traveler bass sold on Ebay, as did the Gibson 12, but the Gibson buyer freaked at the finish checking and tried to run us through the claims process, so we have it back and will put it up again sooner or later. My woodgrain Alvarez bass is still available.