366 Days

It’s been a year since I last stepped on stage as a member of the Trampolines, an outdoor show that was annihilated by a massive thunderstorm seconds before the first note could be played.

Ah, irony.

It’s been an odd year. The time between that show and the first Tramps show without me on March 21st crawled by as I tried to find what I was looking for. From that moment to now has been a bit of a blur, with new bands, new friends, new people, new goals, new purposes, and yet the same old doubts and same struggle to balance the cart.

Anna is now settled into first grade. Maggs is finally potty trained. RSW and I continue to try and keep the house together as we slog through her school and work schedules, my work and ROCK schedules, and keeping the girls in one piece and fed and clothed and housed and stuff.

I still have no clue what I’m doing, but I’m a little happier and more satisfied doing it at the moment.

I started writing here as an outlet to both share how I try to balance the various parts of my life and to lay it out for myself so I can go back through and see and sort. I think the struggle is greater now than it ever has been – this period between leaving the band and when both girls get in school and RSW graduates will be probably the hardest time of my life – trying to rediscover and justify my inner musician while not being a full time band member and having such important responsibilities with the girls is going to be a hard sell to anyone, let alone myself.