Last weekend was a good ending to a long couple of weeks. I got to sit in with MSB for three shows (and another next week) and R-May for another. Good high-profile full-show appearances on keyboards, pictures on local sites and everything. A great first step toward Hey Everyone Remember I’m A Keyboard Player.

I still have zero clue what I want to do. I don’t mind paying work with bands I like, but I’d still rather get out there and play solo or small group and dictate the process some. I just haven’t had the time.

Bought a ‘toy’ keyboard on Ebay last week – a Yamaha DJX. Damn thing arrived a week late (postmarked two days before it arrived, of course) and with a key not working and the battery post broken. Not amused.

I got a new car in April, which is its own post sometime, but the relevant point at the moment is that some jackoff stole my toolbox out of it, so I lost my HK Rotosphere (dammit) and the power supply to my Korg X50 (annoying, but still dammit).
Just more aggravation in the road to selling stuff off.

I’ll update properly some other time. Happy birthday to RSW, and happy fathers day to all.