Moving Right Along? . .

Well, its a good bit into 2008 now. Christmas has come and past, and I’m on the back end of the Great Gear Exchange. My head is a little better.

I realized these truths to be self evident: that I need to produce. I need to see what I’m worth either as a solo performer or front person, and I think that’s my ultimate goal for now. I also think I need to get myself into some quality paying sit gigs. I needed to get my gear so that I have one of everything that works. I needed to get out and play and restore my reputation as a player, not just as the guy who plays with those other guys.

So. Got down to brass tacks and ebay’d a bunch of stuff, mainly to reclaim space in the house but also to consolidate. RSW’s student loan check allowed me to Go Big and buy the Nord Stage I’ve always wanted. I bought a cheap-but-decent Beatle bass. I bought a really nice Alvarez 12 string acoustic. I found a really strange Roland powered wedge monitor designed for (of all things) electronic percussionists – it replaces one of my stand-up keyboard amps and can operate alone for most things if need be. I sold my Fender bass amp, sold the in-ear monitors that I got in the BP severance, and sold the pointy classic Carvin electric.

I still have things to move, but I’ve almost got everything I would need. I need to move two basses (my wood-grain Alvarez that was my main axe for a while but is too much for my shoulder, and my Traveller headless acoustic thingie that is really cool but somewhat unnecessary at this point). I need to re-fret and sell my 74 Gibson 12. I need to move my HK Rotosphere. I need to make an executive decision about my Korg X50 and the sound module I have – I’d like to have a sound source for recording, but the potential windfall may outweigh that need. I’d still like to get one of the broadcast mics (the EV or the Shure) and perhaps a bari acoustic, but there’s no rush for either.

I got to play a musician-friend’s birthday party last week, probably the first time in months I was able to really sit down and play with good players and be creative. I got lots of good words, many from people who’d never seen me play anything but bass. It was good for me.

I’ve been getting a slow trickle of offers in the last few weeks, which is strangely cool since I’ve been off since August without much interest. I think its starting to come together.

Most importantly, I feel somewhat creative. I still don’t have a place to play – the house is still Kid Land and mostly trashed on a regular basis, but I have my original material laid out and I’ve begun assigning rhythms and arrangements and concepts and stuff. Pre-pre-pre-pro, if you will.

Considering where I was around thanksgiving, I’d say things are better.

Anna has begun piano lessons with her grandmother, and she picks up very quickly. She seems to have a pretty good sense of things. I’m staying out of it until she’s got a good fundamental foundation with the traditional teachings, then I may drop some of my self-taught logic on her. We’ll see.

The other end of the gear sales deal arrived today – my sales had to add up to a new couch and chair for the living room, and those came this afternoon. Now everything else I sell is technically gravy for my own use, but I have a feeling I’ll be moving things to pay for car repairs soon. Both vehicles are at bad spots in life – the van is leaking oil and low on brakes at 210K, and the Toyota is low on brakes, bald on tires, and generally out of whack at 188K.

I guess it beats debt..

Meanwhile, as I pass my three-year work anniversary, its clear that my day job is now totally screwing with me. I was supposed to come off the road into a store around first week of February, but they couldn’t land my replacement in time and have extended me through mid march, possibly through April. At the same time the fourth store has opened and now its a true two-driver job, so I’m getting killed and they’ll be double screwed when I come inside. And, to top all that off, they’ve assured me nothing but a part-time position once I come inside because they screwed up the first time.

Odds are I will get hosed, despite personal reassurances from upstream that I won’t. It’s not comforting in the least.