And Two Steps Back..


RSW has the creeping death tonight, so I went out to catch a friend playing for a bit before making my traditional late-night shopping run* for Robitussin and a bottle of Sprite as instructed.

* Those of us who keep late hours in decent-sized towns know that grocery shopping to any magnitude is not something to be executed during daylight hours, and preferably during Nobody There hours..

So, my friend actually wasn’t playing (he’s a hired hand for this guys band and he wasn’t on this particular call), but I know the singer/leader guy fairly well. We had a rather lengthy catchup conversation in the set break, and about midway through the following set he announces that I’m coming up to play on the next song.

Mmmkay. Not usually a problem – I can hang in with anyone usually, and this is a pretty low-impact gig to say the least. Not sure what instrument he wants me to play – guitar seems to be the only available option.

Song ends, up I come, and away goes the band. Okay, I guess he’s just gonna have the two of us do something.

He starts to head off as well.

I stop him.. um.. what are we playing?

Oh. I thought you could just do one of your songs.



Really. K. Well, too bad I don’t actually have any, especially on guitar. Nothing that has words at least.

I explain this rather hastily since this is happening ON STAGE, and we quickly go through his repertoire for something we can do together, and we bail out on a rather half-assed version of Wish You Were Here, which, if you are a guitarist, you know its not exactly setting records for degree-of-difficulty. But it got us through five minutes.

So yeah, there went some of that confidence karma I had stored up. Wasn’t really my fault – I haven’t played guitar at a gig in probably two years, and he wouldn’t have known that, but when you’re a little bit down already a small hit can seem huge. Blah.