See, that was easy.

I apparently have the audacity to post new without summing up the almost one-year gap. Frankly, that’s partly why I wasn’t posting – I don’t feel like summing up. So go me. I’ll fill the blanks as relevance dictates.

I’ve named our two houseflies Charlie and Lola, and the one buzzing my head right now is whichever I feel like (Lola).

Spent a good chunk of the mid-morning at the Rockfeast today with the girls. They were better behaved and altogether more interesting than any of the bands or attendees. Much less interesting than last year. Saw a few friends and peers but not enough to be worth sticking around.

At least Mark wasn’t there – I’m tired of explaining this shit (what shit, you ask? tough.) to everyone everywhere I go, and he’s been haunting me lately. Butch Walker at the Bluebird? Ding! Moveable Feast at the Walnut? Cornered. (knew that was gonna happen, but it took me the whole drive to suck up and accept it as my fate, such is my life).

Alright, fine. Yes, I’m leaving (technically, have left) the band. To quote Peter Falk, yes yes, you’re very smart. Shut up.

I haven’t told many people, compelled to follow the trail of grapevine activity rather than perpetuate its progress myself. Since no one reads this I’m well within my boundaries.