Hello, loser.

Not to worry – just indicative of my day, and not all the time passed since my last post here. I’m home on a Friday night being lame, mostly on purpose.

House: done.
Contract: signed.
Closing: um.. well.. ya see, um..

New Town Builders are responsible for the drainage canal on the east end of the development, and they and their subcontractor Hall-Irwin haven’t completed the job to the City’s specs. So we can’t get a certificate of occupancy until its done. Might be done this weekend, might not. Lots of red tape an middle men in between there.

So. We may close Wednesday. We might close next week. We’ll see.

A lot of furniture has basically appeared, most of it from various stages of the Blanche Fiascotm. We have most of her good chests from Chicago and now that she’s moving to a full time facility we’re getting some of the stuff from her assisted living stop. Whee.

The downside: half of this stuff I’ve barely seen, which makes my mental sort/collate of the pack a real bitch. I’m used to having the truck packed in my head before we start, but I haven’t seen some of the stuff at all and couldn’t honestly account for the whole pile in my head on a dare. Gonna have to wing it.

Good weekend at South Park last week – good shows, lots of free beer. The next month is going to be trying – there will be no money, I hate the new space arrangement, and I’m really tired of Scotty being a puss. He needs to get in or get out. Love ya man, but this seeing what you can get away with at home isn’t working. Blah.

I miss a lot of people today. I need to just pass out and start over.