You might remember me…

… from the Village People.

The house is roughly three weeks from construction completion. We won’t have the dedication or be able to contemplate moving in until landscaping is complete and the sites up against the property are secured and safe (the house to the north is 70% done, the house to the southeast is currently an open foundation).

We should have the common area sidewalks and such in by the end of the week, so that should give us an idea of how much yard and side area we’ll end up with.

I’m working on the house two days a week until completion so that I will have enough hours. We’re way over the minimum for family hours, but I need to catch up on my individual hours since they changed the rules.

– – – –

We open for Johnette Napolitano tonight at the Walnut Room. She’s doing a tour of music and poetry and one-woman-showness, so it probably won’t be very Concrete Blonde-y. Not sure whether I’ll get to play/sing or not – the contract is for the duo, and Johnette’s openness to such things tends to be based on whim. That’s about the simplest way to put it 🙂

– – – –

Maggie’s about a week from saying every word in the english language clearly. Anna has tired of the english language and finds made-up phrases far more entertaining.