So much for that idea.

Our time in Albuquerque was fine. Two good shows. The trip there and back was unholy bad, with one dead Suburban and one wounded rental Durango in our wake. But who cares.

The Mix 100 show was great despite some awful playing on my part – my bass got out of whack during the NM trip and the fixes left me a little disoriented. That too shall pass.

Brian is done, mostly by majority decision after his fundamental stupidity in NM (walking into a 10 person fight and messing with a bull mastif on the same night – long story). None of us really want to deal with that again.

So. We open acoustic for Johnette Napolitano on Sunday, then it looks like the next set of shows will feature the short-term return of Big Daddy Scott on drums. Mark’s decision, and not a bad one, but I’m not sure how we’re going to cover out of town stuff or whether we’re going to progress toward a long term solution with Fan First in back.

The house is three weeks ahead of schedule, meaning I’m pinched for hours. I’ve gotten approval to burn every Thursday until dedication, but that’s gonna crush me, and I’m already crushed. I’m sacrificing paid days for unpaid volunteer days when we can barely afford anything.

The summer insomnia is upon us. I’m starting to really lose my shit. I hate being at the mercy of anything, let alone everything. This is not going to be a good headspace week – every little dumb thing is fucking with me.