Too Long. I know.

My girls are awesome.

Anna spent the most of the day with the inlaws and the recently relocated-from-Chicago Grandma Blanche, and was charming and just good. She’s so accustomed to adults at 4.5 (to the point where acclimating her to kids her own age will have to be a priority come fall) that she really thrives, and she and the tough-but-scared displaced 95-year-old lady have a really good connection that has made this time a lot more bearable for everyone involved.

Maggie knows all the words for her face parts and gets cuter by the damn minute.

The house got drywall today. Screwcheck and mud tomorrow along with the begining of masonry. Scary good progress.

The band is in a bit of a quandary. Our incomes don’t match our status as a band right now, so important-yet-difficult trips like D-Fest (Tulsa), Midwest Music Summit (Indianapolis), and the ongoing west coast ventures become harder and harder to accomplish.

We’ve taken Tulsa off the board completely, choosing instead to focus on the big Albuquerque show that weekend instead. Our ties down there are a bit shaky, and with Jason moving to NC we don’t have a band to open for, so playing the biggest room in town with a couple of the biggest bands in town becomes essential for maintaining ABQ as an effective and affordable market.

That, and we still have The Drummer Problem. Kid made it through the last ABQ trip without anyone killing him or leaving him at a reststop somewhere, but it was painfully close, and only because Chris and I didn’t ride with him. He didn’t win anyone over, lets just say that.

We kicked some ass at the Pavilions gig downtown this past Thursday, but Brian suckered the VIP bartender into honoring his single drink ticket about 12 times with straight whiskey, which was the fuel for a weepy tantrum that probably cost him some of his cymbals. luckily most of the crowd was leaving at that point or we would have made the news.

Mark loves the kid, but is sick of parenting his sorry ass. Chris is like a big brother to him, which Chris isn’t really into either, and I’m just straight with him, something he simply can’t handle. He can’t grow up fast enough for this to work at all, yet we’re stuck with him for at least the next few gigs.

The consensus is that we need to record this fall, but the questions remain: with what money and with what drummer? Chris is almost out of days-off and is constantly broke. I get into a mortgage situation in a few months, Mark is Mark, and we don’t have a 4th member to offset the rehearsal space rent. Catch-22 all around.

It’s still, technically, good to be me until further notice.

= = = =
following up some on the previous post, since I didn’t read back before posting:

Mark and I spent Saturday morning of the ABQ trip at Guitar Boy beating the piss out of their stock of Reverends, and Mark did in fact buy a gold sparkle Charger 290. He also promised to buy me one on the next trip, but we’ll see.

The second and third shows of the weekend were pointless – the Hyperactive Fest people who promised us a drumkit couldn’t come through for us and we were forced to play the Pride mainstage acoustic, which wasn’t horrible but probably cost us a ton of merch (a full band would have drawn more people to the stage area). The acoustic night at Kelly’s was a lot of fun – they treated us really really well, but it was sorta anticlimactic and rough-edged. The party afterward was fun.

Mark and Brian waking me up out of a Jim Beam coma at 7am with their apnea/alcohol snoring was brutal (thank god for earplugs), but I got a really good recording of it on my cellphone. Good times.