For those who have read this crap from the beginning…

… that fucking front door STILL isn’t done. It is installed, squared, plumbed, fastened, poorly stained, and somewhat insulated, but one door still has holes and no hardware, and there is no trim around the frame. My mom could kick the bitch over.

… I never mentioned that Maggie indeed moved to the crib quite a while ago, I don’t even remember exactly when. She and Anna have finally settled into being good roommates and they both have the same bedtime now. Maggs mostly hates the crib, but has learned to settle in and sleep now that Anna isn’t crawling into the crib with her in the middle of the night.

… RSW has decided to return to college, taking mostly online courses and getting back into the swing of school from where she left off 7 years ago. Not sure how this is going to work short-term, but the long term benefit is obvious.

… my work is starting to try and micromanage my delivery day, which is fun since they don’t understand my job. We’ll see how that goes – my big boss is a habitual micromanager pain in the ass, but I think she actually likes me, so I’m not feeling persecuted just yet. This just seems to be what she does to everyone, and I’m just glad I’m out of the store 90% of my day.