Albuquerque – Day 1 (Fri)

Mark was, of course, 79 minutes late to the meeting spot. Surprise. We got down here in good time despite Chris getting pulled over in Springer NM.

Atomic Cantina – small venue, kinda out of the way on the far south end of the downtown activities. A lot of Denver showed up for us, and we put on an ok show despite one center monitor and only vocals and kick drum mic’d. Dumb.

While waiting for food afterward I bumped into Curt from Sarah Bettens’ band, and we ended up hanging out the majority of the evening wandering from Atomic Cantina to Lindy’s (where the gang got dinner) to The District (where Sarah and Curt play tomorrow). Stayed at District long enough to see Sarah (late flight) then checked out No Fair Fights at the Windchime Gallery up the road. Not my style, but man did they tear it up.

Tomorrow: Reverend shopping, show, show, party, eat? Who knows.