Getting sick again. Something has hit me like a bus in the last 6 hours, and nothing’s working right. Figures.

Gig tomorrow – opening for Sarah Bettens of K’s Choice. Then a weekend in Albuquerque. The irony of feeling very sick right about now doesn’t escape me, but I’d have to be pretty near death not to make this trip.


The house is roofed and being sided above the masonry line this week while most of the planet concentrates on the Blitz. The thought of 15 homeowners being in their homes by next weekend is somewhat annoying, but I like the slowboat approach and knowing every inch of the house personally. Hopefully some of them will experience some of the new neighborhood issues for us so I don’t have to.

The pool is open, and Anna decided on day one to show me how she holds her breath and puts most of her head in underwater. She hasn’t done it since then, but we’ve gone out in relatively deep water and she’s trusted her noodle to support her as I stay away a bit. She’s getting more comfortable each time, so hopefully the whole peer pressure aspect of lessons won’t freak her out next time. I’m really proud of her.

Maggie adds words every day and is getting more and more forceful about things. There’s good and bad in that. After the weekend of travel we had she has a pass from me on cranky for a while.

Bruce’s mother, age 94, is moving here and living in the nearby assisted living place. Bruce and RSW will fly to Chicago and do a sameday round trip to get her here. The only beneficiary of this deal may be Anna, who is one of Blanche’s favorites.

The auditioning drummers SERIOUSLY underperformed. So we’re going with Brian for the time being, although the deal is hardly done. This weekend will be quite a test.