My day really started last night (Wednesday) when I got called into work at 9:30 pm to cover my boss’s ass with a run downtown. Dumb.

That set the tone.

Got onsite this morning (Thursday), got paired up with Old Man Dean (knowledgeable, helpful, but a wee bit senile) putting up the styrofoam wall barrier that will eventually sit under the brick facade. Pretty easy – short 2 inch nails with plastic rings every 10 inches on studs just to keep the sucker tight. Well.

We had a nice honkin 40mph cold rainy wind going on this morning, and after a day of some rain yesterday the ground was softer than I thought. While hammering in a top corner on the SE corner of the house near the porch, my stepladder – parallel to the wall facing east – lost it’s far edge footing and toppled out. I was only on the second step, but I basically fell in place and caught my left side on the bottom leg of the ladder.

Knocked the wind out of me, but I don’t think it did any real damage. Right below the ribcage, above the kidneys. I didn’t come down hard, just awkward and flat.

So, that made tonight’s performance for 10 adoring fans at the Fox in Boulder extra fun. The fact that I left my backpack in the space and had to make an emergency 50-minute round trip back to Denver to get it? Well, that just sorta fit in with my day, really.

Garage should be totally sheathed by now (I left at lunchtime) and the house will get roof decking when the winds allow. Should be watertight by mid next week.

Toad show tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.