Can’t win.

Just can’t.

Got the house squared away while RSW went to pick up the gang from the airport. Cleaned out my car, filled a trashbag, and put it with the trash in the garage. Closed the door, went inside.

The gang comes home. The top panel of the garage door has a broken hinge on the left side – has for several months if not a year. When I closed it to come inside, the hinge apparently gave more than usual, and the entire top panel bowed in a ‘U’, causing the whole thing to stop dead 3/4 closed.

This is the sight my MIL comes home to.

I disconnected the drivetrain and got it manually closed. The damage isn’t much more than it was originally – the top panel needs to be replaced, but we knew that.

I can’t tell you how long ago I pointed out the broken hinge, but that just doesn’t matter now.

– – – –

Good rehearsal tonight. We’ll see if the trend continues into the gigs.