The Day Airplanes In Distress Dance Around Poles

A day off, one that can’t be explained without going back and filling in the blanks here. So here we go.

We’ll start with the Door of Woe. Last Sunday was the day – MIL and CAGFBF (codependent Ambiguously Gay Former Boyfriend, or as we call him, Bruce) decided to demo the old door and put in the new one. By themselves.

Lets just say that I got sucked into it, and it got mostly installed. Mostly.

The next day I came home from lunch and ran into the buzzsaw – MIL had saved up for the winter and decided to start WWIII with me on every little passive aggressive insane point she could think of, from why it was my fault she never installed the new smoke alarms upstairs to why I’m not a real musician to why .. yeah yeah, you get it. The point being, I stood up for myself, gave back what I got, and basically created a bizarre week of weird tension that lasted until MIL, Bruce, and Anna went to Chicago on Thursday. Things are weird, and will be until the house is done.

Ah, the house. All framed and ready for roof trusses on Tuesday. She’s a beauty. Can’t wait.

Long involved band argument – it was my position that the two gigs this week should be done with Scotty since he’s available and Brian’s first rehearsal last week was dismal. Apparently all my bluster about it got nullified when Scotty flaked out and Brian showed some promise. So Brian will be our drummer this week, and we’ll see how it goes.

A day off. Yep. See, I’m a delivery driver, and it is rather difficult to deliver things without a van.

And, thanks to the two nimrods behind me on Friday afternoon around noon who didn’t get the ‘we’re stopping – you should too!’ memo, I have now mushed my second Windstar in six months.

Not my fault, no ticket, no nothing. A little headachy over the weekend but I’m not sure that’s related. Van is probably toast – the frame has damage in bad places.

My boss has the day off today, and my boss’s boss decided it was easier to send me home for the day than to try and secure me a rental today, so I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

So. Anna and MIL get home this evening. Work tomorrow and Wednesday, house workday Thursday, show in Boulder Thursday night, show in Littleton Friday. Consider yourself caught up.