Bidness Bidness Bidness

Brian showed up for tonight’s rehearsal as unprepared as possible. Kid is me at 14 – lots of talent, good instincts, can fake his was through anything. Problem being, that’s all he does.

He’s rehearsed with us 12 times and performed with us twice. He got kicked ut of his band last month and has had nothing much else to do since.

Most importantly, he admitted he didn’t listen to the live CD I gave him last week. Which means that he would have come into this week (specifically the Iowa gigs) with no preparation. Unacceptable. Period.

He’s taking my disgust personally, but he needs to understand the profession end of being in a band or he’s simply not going to be one. I have a short leash for such crap, mainly because I was given one when I was that age, and it made me a much better player.

. . .

We framed the entire first floor today – even got the rimboard up for the second floor and got the south and east walls of the garage framed and up. Nice.

It’s a beautiful house, even now. The design is perfect, the simplicity and aesthetic function seamless. A few dumb things here and there – the contractors put the side door of the garage in what I would consider the wrong place. There are two options in the plan and they chose the rear of the north side, meaning the door opens straight into.. the side of the house. You have to walk around back a bit to get to the entry. Dumb. But we’ll work with it.

The stairwell is a bitch. Mike and Trevor have been struggling to interpret the vague plan all week, and have finally decided on playing it by ear. The stairwell is in a balloon frame which is basically the load bearing point in the lower floor, and the design calls for a stepped landing at the turn, meaning the landing is split in half with a riser rather than providing a flat turn point. Kinda weird, but Mike is using the opportunity to get creative with the vertical space and make it as aesthetically interesting as possible. Works for me.

I’ll be back for a full day on Saturday, so I’ll probably get to frame the upstairs a bit and get a good idea of the stairwell concept. Yay.