CO - Maggie de Roqstarre: 5-minutes match penalty (intent to injure); 2-minutes instigating; 10-minute misconduct; game misconduct (1:26)

The Maggster, who has a fun habit of yelling BOOM while throwing herself backwards when sitting down, managed to headbutt RSW square in the nose two nights ago. No break, but swelling and plenty of pain. The other side of that coin – Maggie slept on my side of the bed the last two nights, and she tends to be a kicker.

Time for the crib. Soon.

ed: I forgot to mention – this was in bed and in the dark.

For the record, we’ve had good luck with co-sleeping with both kids, and now the dynamic is for the girls to share a room (as they will in the new house). The trick here will be to get Anna – who is a terrible sleeper – to acclimate to having baby sister in her room while getting Maggs acclimated to sleeping alone. We’re hoping to do this at the end of the month when Anna joins grandma in Chicago for a weekend.