Everybody’s A Rock Star Tonight

Still no final word on whether the trip will happen or not. Rehearsal was cancelled today because Mark apparently went on a late bender with his work assistant Sean and someone else and rolled in around 7am. Classic. Chris managed to break his apartment key off in the door this morning, and Brian was nowhere to be found. So yeah, no practice. Maybe Tuesday if we need it.

We explained the situation to the promoter of the Cedar Rapids show and he totally understood the situation and assured us that we’d be hooked up later this summer. The Chicago promoter behind the Iowa City gig hasn’t been in contact (and neither has Mark, obviously) so we’re still hanging on that.

Apparently Scotty has ben bugging Mark about sitting back in on drums now and then and being very visibly available for certain shows and saying how much he misses us and stuff. It’s pretty obvious that Bigguns isn’t steering his own bus. Either the wife seriously put the brakes on his music career or his peer group is up his ass about something.

It always takes a few days to truly grasp a natural disaster, and word from Iowa City gets a little worse every day. It appears that the casualty rate is amazingly low, but the structural damage across the board is pretty extensive.