Maybe We Can Take A Hint?…

We finally met as a band last night, the three of us and LiteBrite LaRue on drums. Rehearsal lasted all of 45 minutes since LB and Andy had ‘somewhere to be’ shortly thereafter. We ran a few things from the set (poorly) and then graduated into a band meeting.

The bottom line is.. well, the bottom line. We’re only guaranteed $400 for these two shows together, and our estimated expenses for the trip are well over $900. After much discussion and an evaluation of where our timetable for the summer sits (recording and touring) we’ve basically decided that we will forego this trip if the promoter is ok with us skipping out.

That, and The Good Lord showed up in IC last night and made today a Not So Good Friday. At least 5 documented tornadoes in Johnson County, one of which tore through the east side of town by the frat houses and down by where our friend Greg used to live. Riverside and Iowa Ave. got messed up.

A gas leak and damage were reported on and around the ped mall, which is basically where The Q is, so who knows whether the venue is even viable for next week.

We’ll have final say by tomorrow probably, but odds are we’re going to stay home and audition drummers.