Little House On The Prairie

Especially little, considering it currently has 3 vertical feet of living space.

Played hooky today and put in a full shift on the house. The site is a vast expanse of dirt with a few foundations and street beginnings and utility boxes scattered here and there, but ours is really the only spot on the entire site that makes any sense to the eye.

We had roughly 12 volunteers on the house today, mostly experienced regulars, so we were able to get a lot done. The rimboard and floor joists had been installed and secured atop the concrete foundation and steel-beam center support yesterday, so we began the morning by laying out, measuring, and attaching the OSB decking with both floor adhesive (prevents squeaky floors) and ring nails. Our crew was pretty efficient and we were able to deck the entire surface and trim excess well before lunch.

Mike, the site supervisor, and I reviewed the plans and determined that the stairwell window on the south wall planned out higher than the first studwall, so we were going to be able to frame the south wall without any interruptions.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough adhesive on hand to sheath more than one wall, so we spent most of the afternoon framing out the fairly simple south wall and the slightly more complicated north wall. The house faces east, and the north wall has three large windows into the first floor great room, so we had to measure off the plans and install those first before supporting the frame with studs.

Still, with such a veteran crew we managed to be done and cleaned up and secured for the weekend by 3:30. Not bad.

The wind and sun are going to be a constant factor – the site is at the mercy of both, and one good rain will turn the sandbox into Mudville pretty quickly. Still, I think it’s favorable compared to winter builds, and the experience our sponsor group has in past houses should make this a fairly quick and sound process.

Tonight: rehearsal.