Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Finally feeling semi-human. Friday night was just brutal, I’ll spare you everything except that somehow Maggie managed to flush an electric toothbrush down the new upstairs toilet (which RSW managed to retrieve, god bless her). Saturday I decided to attend the homeowner maintenance class and suffered mightily through most of it – Connie reminded me a few times that I could probably go home if I needed to, so I must have looked kinda off).

Finally got some sleep after the class last night, and that good chunk of sleep has me feeling vaguely alive. Vaguely.

That’s the quick summary.

We need to attend a home dedication today at 2:00, and then I can chill before heading back into the workweek tomorrow.

The word from NM is that a good time was had by all, although I think Chris was hoping for a buffer between himself and Mark. Oh well.