Home. Yes, I know, it’s Friday. I’m home.

First show in 21 years I’ve had to duck out of due to illness, but I’m just not roadworthy. I won’t bother with details, but its bad and no fun.

I actually feel semi-ok most of the time, but my system is just a mess. Bleah.

So. I missed the rehearsal last night, and having referee’d an argument between Chris and Mark about finances the night before, Mark sent a semi-snarky email questioning whether I was staying home for house stuff.

Now, I did beg out of a couple important house things to make this trip, and I may attend the 8 hour homeowner seminar tomorrow if I’m up for it, but if that were a concern I wouldn’t have committed in the first place.

I don’t know whether the guys did the trip as a duo or not.

So. I’ll have two weeks to repair the situation and get us focused on the Iowa trip.

. . .

Maggie’s having a much better day – she’s a day or two ahead of me, so there is hope I guess.