‘Twas 75 degrees today (Tuesday). Got off work an hour early. Lots of kid time. Cool.

Monday?- not so much. Rockies opening day + RTD transit strike = maximum entropy. Luckily I managed to avoid most of it, but most of the metro went straight to hell all day long.

. . .

Pardon me while I vent vaguely here..

Now, I’m a seasoned veteran of child output, having babysat for years and now being on kid #2.

That said, the stuff that has escaped Southbound from the Maggster recently has been unfuckingbelieveable. Bad to the point that I won’t even describe it in fear of creating an international Stand By Me moment.

. . .

As predicted, the front door (Mark II) is still on the porch, and sources have indicated that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Tomorrow (today?) for the first time in the storied history of this webspace, we will actually gather as a band and create music and stuff. So I’m told. Stay tuned. With Brian ‘LiteBrite’ LaRue as The Beaver?