Maggie sprung forward with a clock-defying early morning screamfest that had me up at hours I’m not terribly familiar with, not since my go to bed at sunrise days.

Mel and Anna hit the matinee Jamarama Live (sans Laurie Berkner for some reason) while Maggs and I caught up on sleep a little. With small exception I slept off the entire afternoon into mid-evening.

Maggs and I are now watching the late (and I do mean late) innings of the rain-delayed season opener between the Bitch Sox and Indians, Sox up 10-3 with a massive Thome homer off the right field scoreboard that would have landed in the Navy Yard without impedance.

Still no word from Mark and Chris – I assume this week will be a cram session for Friday. I also need to remind myself that calling in sick tomorrow (despite actually being sick AND it being Opening Day for most teams) would be a financially bad idea.