Sick. Ick. Ew.

Got through my work week despite the plague – Aquarium Head II Electric Boogaloo. But, as is usually the case, I got upstaged by one of the kids.

Trying to get sleep last night, Maggie (who currently sleeps between us) started a hack that turned into side one of the Zeppelin classic Out Through The In Door.

Germans? …

Forget it – he’s rolling!

So yeah – up at 3:30 am finding a new outfit for her and changing sheets and laying out towels and all sorts of fun stuff. Yay. Not so much.

She ran a fever on and off all day today, and seems to be sleeping it off now.

I’d be sleeping mine off, but I have a four year old who’s being clingy and annoying to my corpse. Which is probably a crime in most states, except that I’m only mostly dead, which means slightly alive, and thus exempt from corpse violation statutes. Or something.

Mark and Chris are alledgedly home from the Left Coast, but I’ve yet to hear a peep from either. I would presume they are pretty close to voiceless since they were pretty close before they left. A few comments on the MySpace page from new-ish people indicate that they had a relatively successful trip. Cool. Hopefully I can go next time.

K. Time to either put this kid to bed or send her someplace UPS so she’ll get lost in the system for a few weeks. Probably the former.