Prarie Home Invasion

Ok.. not quite, but close enough.

RockstarWifelet got home around 9:30, settled in on a work file for a few hours, got ready to go shopping and discovered someone had jacked her purse and cellphone from the car. In the driveway.

Yes, unlocked. Bah.

Minor inconvenience at best – two accounts cancelled and restarted, phone cancelled and replacement ordered. About two days of annoyance in store.

Live, learn, repeat. I gotta move my instruments out of the front room – this house is unlocked pretty often, and I can’t afford losses of any kind right now.

I’d pay decent money to be as blissfully ignorant of the world as Maggie is right now.

Granted, I’d have to give you a check.

UPDATE: she went out and looked around and found the purse nearby. She lost $13 in cash, a pack of cigarettes, the cellphone, and a necklace and earrings set (fake). It will take a few days to reverse the cancels, but we don’t need new cards, and her license and kid pictures and a few gift cards were left alone.