History dictates that this initial post being made in a small fit of illness-driven insomnia is some variety of irony, perhaps Canadian.

I created this page to focus on two things I don’t write enough about – the band, and the kids. I figure this is a good time to start, as the band is on a wee little break for a couple weeks and the kiddos are in a bit of a transitional period as well. Thus.

The band we will narrowly focus on is called The Trampolines. I honestly don’t know how long it will be called The Trampolines since there was already a notable band called The Trampolines, but we’ll burn that bridge when we stand on it.

Talking about The Trampolines has to begin with Mark, hated by some, hated more by others. Mark, singer, songwriter, guitarist, talent buyer, genius, savant, alcoholic, diva, pain in the ass. Mark is a sweetheart at the core, and he wears a thick winter coat of demons to deflect that notion whenever possible. Yes, a genius, in that he has the same basic head for music that I was blessed/cursed with, understands the ins and outs of the music business like pretty much no one else in Denver. The flip side – a pu-pu platter of mind-numbingly intricate learning disabilities that boggle the mind. A pure inability to comprehend the time space continuum, worst handwriting and spelling ever. Good times all around.

Then Chris, the ROCKSTAR. Blessed with a knack for writing fantastic songs, he has a fantastic voice with suboptimal diction, passable guitar skills, and a way with the ladies. Yikes. You name it, it’s come to him all his life. He understands the need to have a killer work ethic to succeed, but doesn’t yet grasp what that really means. Nicest guy ever, best Vinnie Barbarino you’ve ever heard.

And me. But no drummer. Scotty “Fan First” ended his run in the band this past Friday (3/24) at the Gothic.

We sold out Red Rocks Amphitheatre last August. 8000 strong, mostly there to see The Princess Bride afterward, but almost all were kind enough to come by early and catch us. The one day – August 2nd, 2005 – is why we are on the radar screen.

Mark and Chris played The Mint in LA earlier tonight. The acoustic duo shows, first locally and now west coast tours – are what got this band started, so repeating the process in new markets makes sense.


The reason I decided to create this blog is because of the mutually exclusive nature of my two selves. Rockstars go out and play shows on the road and tour and succeed accordingly. Daddies work for a living (usually) but are most effective by being there for their kids. This space is where I lay out the daily record of that tug-of-war.

I am a Good Daddy (TM). I would be a stay at home dad if circumstances allowed that, but right now I have Day Job, which will be a supporting character here. Also filling a supporting role will be The House (TM), which will be a seriously huge focus in the next several months.

The girls are a good age. Anna is 4 1/2 and Maggie is 1 1/2. I have roughly five years to make a run at this – if I’m not making a solid living as a musician (or being away becomes impossible) within that time frame, then I swallow hard, come home, and settle in, like Robin Williams in Hook.

Ready? Unsteady?